Sunday Service


Our main gathering of the week is on Sundays at 9:30am at The Oasis, 19 Falcon Street, Belmont. Our meetings are relaxed and informal, lasting about an hour and a _IGP1953half. During the meetings we take time to celebrate the greatness and the goodness of God and also to express our love for Him. During this time we sing songs about God and to God and freely share words of encouragement and hope. We encourage everyone to participate in whatever way they can. Our times of corporate celebration are lively, vibrant and worshipful.

We also take time to share from God’s Word. We keep the preaching Biblical and relevant and we believe that through His Word, God speaks to His people and changes lives.

We value every aspect of family life and for this reason treasure our times worshiping with our children. After this time of worship we run a special programme aimed at providing our kids with an opportunity to have fun and discover more about Jesus. Heroes is our children’s church and is open to all children between 2 and 12 years old and there are age-specific groups within that.