Recent Highlights

On Feb 6, 2017 New Creation church was 15 years old. We celebrated this milestone in our church's history with a commemorative service that highlighted how far we have come since 2002. We then had food, fun and games together.

On Sunday the 13th we had a baptism service and celebration. Six students, a mother and her son were baptised that day. It was a cheerful morning as we shared that milestone event with them.

On the 14th of August we went and had our service out at Shalom in Kezi. We had a great time of worship in the Chapel, heard a challenging message from Steve Manhanga and spent a relaxed afternoon having fun as a family.

The Megavision 2016 Festival was an an awesome worship experience including diverse musical expression; solid, easy -to-understand teaching; cross cultural connection; fun; food and even more fun!! Sermons are now available to download from