Sizolwethu Mobile Health

About Sizolwethu

Sizolwethu Mobile Health is a Christian organization that helps the less fortunate in rural or outlying urban settlements. We run development or relief projects which address a variety of needs, in a compassionate and serving attitude. SIZO aims to improve people’s health and wellbeing by providing quality health education, mobile clinical care services and other community development activities.

SIZO works together with the Ministry of Health, local government, hospitals, clinics and churches to compliment the work done by these organisations to help poor communities. SIZO is also a partner of Cosmos Healthcare, an Australian organization that makes it possible for visiting international health professionals to invest their time, skills and knowledge in encouraging or training other health professionals in Zimbabwe.

We provide health education because it teaches and encourages people to adopt and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles. The clinical services ensure that the same people can receive medical treatment thereby creating lasting improvement in their lives.

Sizolwethu values and ethos

Faith – We are Christ centered and want our work to reflect the serving and loving attitude of Christ.
Compassion – We desire to relieve human suffering by seeking to help the most helpless.
Dignity – We want to maintain the dignity of the people that we choose to serve.
Accountability – We aim to always be accountable to our donors, partners and especially the people that we serve.

How New Creation is involved

New Creation is one of the churches that partners with SIZO. The church provides volunteers who assist the different medical teams during mobile health outreaches. New Creation also assists in the running of the organization through board membership, funds management and other non medical services.

Clinical dates

Please refer to the Calendar

Participate in a clinic

You do not need to have a medical background but if you do, that is a plus. You just need to be someone with a heart for the poor. SIZO seeks volunteers such as nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, translators and other helpers. Please feel free to contact Shelta Masina at or Jason James,