Elder’s September Letter

Dear New CreationStamp1

In Matthew 6, when Jesus is telling His followers not to worry about food, drink and clothes, the reasons he gives point to the goodness of our Father in Heaven. In verse 32 He says, “For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.” This is Jesus’s exhortation to us – that we should not worry about basic needs. In God we have a good Father and He delights in expressing and demonstrating His love towards us. If you and I would cometo know His heart for us, we would learn to trust Him everyday for everyday sustenance.

Our Finance Minister recently delivered his Mid-Year Fiscal Policy Review statement and many are predicting further
hard times for us as a nation. If there was ever a time that we as children of a good Father are to be set apart, surely it is now. Everyday is an opportunity to come to Him and with hearts wide open to know His faithfulness and good nature and to trust Him wholeheartedly. Our ultimate source of sustenance, our faith, our level of hope, our demeanour, our behaviour, our talk – all of these will be under scutiny and we have a golden opportunity out of the depth of our relationship with Him to walk differently. Our life is not one of anxiety, but one of trust and total confidence in Who we have and know.

As elders, we pray for you often and our prayer at this time is for God’s strength and peace. May you find confidence in God your Father. And may you be salt and light in the world.

As you will know in our current preaching series running for 7 weeks we will be looking to encounter God’s Father heart. Make every effort to not miss any of the messages. I am convinced that you will be blessed and that each one will be relevant and crucial for everyday living. If you happen to miss a meeting please download and listen to the sermon on the church website.

The hunt for a church venue continues and as a church, we maintain that confidence that our Father knows and will lead us to the right place that we can call home. The same applies as we start thinking about our strategic focus for 2017 and beyond.

mpiOur upcoming 3 days of prayer and fasting will be a time to build and express our trust in God together as a body. Monday 19 through to Wednesday 21 September. Don’t miss it for anything!

And remember, “my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:19

Much love,

Mpi Ndebele
For the New Creation Elders