Elders’ November Letter

Dear New Creation

Last Sunday Hlulani Chauke reminded us that the Lord’s Prayer is corporate. The OUR in Our Father includes all our church family as well as our brothers and sisters in other churches in Bulawayo and beyond. Life in Zimbabwe is far from easy and many of us are facing big life challenges. Let us pray for and help our New Creation family members wherever possible. God is our good, good Father who knows and can supply all our needs; often He does that through one another.


Our theme this year in New Creation has been Growing Together based on Acts 2: 42-47 where the early disciples devoted themselves to teaching, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread in their homes and to prayer. We have seen the
theme working out in different ways and especially in the growth in community through the small groups. We must never lose that.

Now a brand new year is coming fast. There is a danger that we only think of survival to the year end and not beyond. Yet the Lord promises to be with us all the way. What is he saying to us for 2017?

As elders and wives we had a weekend away in October to pray and plan for New Creation in 2017. A key verse was Mark 3:14: “Jesus appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out …….” Today Jesus still summons Christians to be with him and to be sent out. We believe that the Lord is calling all of us in New Creation to be passionately committed to reaching out in his Name. We have shared that with a wider group of ministry leaders and have agreed together that our core vision statement for 2017 should be:

Growing Together – Sending Out
What will it mean in practice for the Lord Jesus to send us out? It speaks of shining as the light of the world and living as the salt of the earth both as individuals and as a church community, of personal and corporate evangelism, of Kingdom Advance in our country, of reaching out to needy people around us, of impacting student life at NUST, of starting a new congregation, of relating to the whole Church in Bulawayo, Matabeleland and Zimbabwe. It means that we will be praying for the Lord to show us a sending-out, growth strategy in our different ministry areas: Sundays, Small Groups, Ladies, Men, Children, Teenagers, The Base, Families, Prayer, Care for one another, Care for the Poor, for all our people in their 24/7 lives and for the ministries in which New Creationers are involved ….

And what else? Only the Lord of the harvest knows and he will tell us if our ears are open to his Spirit. We are a family. Every member of a family is important and has a contribution to make and a word to speak. Please pray into the practical application of Growing Together Sending Out and let us know what you hear the Lord saying.

Let us together be listening for the Lord’s ‘Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?’ DSC_0306
May our response be, ‘Here am I. Send me! Here we are. Send us!’

Tomorrow is God’s Tomorrow. We look forward to it with him.

Praying God’s blessing for you all.

David, Mpi & Rumbi, Hannington & Chipo, Tim & Eloise, TK & Rumby