A group of New Creationers plays basketball at Petra High School every Sunday afternoon. Typically players are very diverse, ranging from Mums, grandkids, visiting foreigners and pro Zimbabwe players to learners. Anyone who feels physically fit (or not!) is welcome to play.

The basketball matches are a fun, interactive way to do life and build relationships while providing a chance to work up a good sweat and relax. Besides, those playing on the fields there is usually also a good crowd of spectators that cheer on their favourite players and engage in lively conversations. Those with young children are welcome as the children have large, open spaces where they can run around, cycle or indeed play their own sport as there are people to keep eye on them – which makes this a great family activity.


Depending on numbers, games can involve anywhere from 3-a-side (played as a half-court game) to 5-a-side (the full court version) and occasionally, games spread happens simultaneously and on different courts. Teams normally play First To Three or Two Zero Whitewash and though normally a relaxed atmosphere, games do get competitive due to the odd missed ‘foul! Play is currently just recreational although our next step is to challenge other social or church clubs that want to get beaten by New Creation & Partners!

We genuinely believe basketball is a gateway not only to better health but to also bring people into a loving relationship with God. We have seen people meet and relate that would not have met or related in any other context. Basketball is a simple, easy to learn sport and can be a powerful tool for building relationships and ultimately the Kingdom


To get involved, come along on a Sunday afternoon at the times stated below. No membership is required so individuals or groups can show up as often or rarely as they want.

For further information phone, WhatsApp or e-mail Keith Maphosa, 077 233 8251,

Venue: Petra High School, Chelmsford Road, Matsheumhlope, Bulawayo
Times: Sundays 4:30pm till 6:30pm


Football has been played at Parkview Sports Club every Saturday, without failure and regardless of the weather, since around August 2014. It takes place from 15h30 until we can’t see the ball or when the losing team finally throws in the towel because usually no one wants to lose!

We started playing as New Creation guys but it has always been open to guys from different walks and parts of Bulawayo. On a good day we play 8-A-side, meaning there will be 16 of us from as far as Trenance, Riverside, Queenspark and Hillside. The churches represented on the field are Vapostori, Hope City, New Creation and Thembalezizwe. Players ages range from teenage to husbands and fathers.

We have also started travelling out of the city to play other teams like Ebenezer in Kezi and might have a match with a visiting Botswana team sometime this year. The main idea, though,  is just to have fun and stay fit!

Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us. Just bring running shoes to Parkview Sports Club at 15h30 on a Saturday.