Men’s Events


The New Creation men’s group is a community of friends who seek to grow together in the knowledge of God while outworking that, practically, in our daily lives.

What We Do

We encourage one another to apply what the Word of God teaches us, challenging each other to set examples of love, leadership and the Father’s Heart to our families. We serve each other by praying for one another, having fun together and being there for one another through our daily lives.

menbanner2Men’s Breakfast

We have a monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast every first Saturday of the month. This is when we meet to pray together, to share, learn God’s Word and what it means in our lives on an everyday basis. These informal gatherings provide a context where, as men, we can confide in each other regarding some of the difficult issues that we face. We do all this with a common and unified understanding that we are to protect, honour and guard the trust that we have amongst us so what we talk about and work through is kept in confidence between ourselves.

How you can get involved

Simply come and join us! …every first Saturday of the month from 7am to 9am at the venue posted on the calendar.

Whether you have just finished high School, are a seasoned professional  or have the privilege of already being a grandfather we would love for you to join us for amazing fellowship, prayer and GOOD FOOD! 🙂

Please get in touch in with Mbongeni on 0772423046 or Tim on 0775284724 who will help you get to our meetings.