Disciple Nations


Disciple Nations is a family of churches from different countries working together to advance the kingdom of God by planting and strengthening new Testament churches. Disciple Nations is part of Newfrontiers which is a network of families of churches spanning the globe, with now over 850 churches in 60 nations.

We are committed to encouraging vibrant New Testament church life and to be propelling those churches into having a transformative impact on the communities, regions and nations around them.
DNa is currently focusing on the following three areas;
1.) Planting and strengthening churches
2.) Developing models and frameworks for national agricultural surplus
3.) Raising a generation of children who are able to thrive in life and leadership

Disciple Nations is headed by Scott Marques and includes churches in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique and Malawi.


Newfrontiers is a worldwide family of churches together on a mission to establish the kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches. Newfrontiers serves nearly 1,000 churches across 70 countries.

A brief record of the origins and history of Newfrontiers:
In the early 1970s, Terry Virgo began to help a number of house churches become established around Sussex. He was based in a church in Seaford, Sussex, which invited him to be their first pastor in 1968. He was a convinced charismatic, and by God's grace had led the church into a transformation to become a fully charismatic church.

The number of house churches in Sussex grew to approximately ten, and each month about a thousand people would gather at Hove Town Hall for celebrations and instruction. From time to time, Terry would gather the leaders of these churches for prayer and instruction. He also was invited by some churches in South London and, gradually, the number of churches he worked with grew. At this time there was no thought of there being a recognized group or of having a title.

On one occasion, as they prayed together, one of the leaders had a prophesy, stating that they were as a herd of elephants that would break through and make a path where there was no path. He said 'there are no well worn paths before you'. This prophesy led to the churches beginning to be formed up as one group - Newfrontiers.

Newfrontiers International from the year 2000:
The story of Newfrontiers can be read in the book, No Well Worn Paths, written by Terry Virgo and published in 2001. Around this time, Newfrontiers started an annual leaders conference - Together on a Mission, which gathered Newfrontiers leaders from all over the world as well as students and twenties, who ran a parallel conference. This was held at the Brighton Centre and gathered approximately 5000 people each year.
During this season the number of churches planted grew to about 230 churches in the UK and, internationally, to some 900 churches in over 60 nations.

In 2011, Newfrontiers changed its style of working. Terry Virgo handed over the leadership to about twenty different team leaders who already carried much spiritual responsibly among the churches in different parts of the world. They were released to take responsibility for the sphere of service which God had given each of them. This has led to multiplied church planting, training programs, and ongoing expansion.

Each of these leaders is free to develop his own sphere’s name, strategies, training programs, and gospel advance. From time to time, these leaders gather for prayer and fellowship, but essentially the advance of the work of Newfrontiers is in the hands of these team leaders, their teams and the programs that they put together.